#CCR_Opp : Eric Martinez [@ERICMARTINEZ714] Remix Contest For Artists & Producers

Eric Martinez Remix Contest!!!

Though seems to be too late but yet we believe committed and hardworking fellas on our “Industreet Collection” and down the streets of Nigeria can still make their fortune from this limited opportunity. Official period for the Eric Martinez Remix Contest  is 24th Nov, 2014 – 22nd Dec, 2014 but unfortunately this opportunity got to us just few hours ago. Kindly get fast on this if you would like to go international through this opportunity especially those who lives and sleeps in the studio just beside their bedroom. You now have from now till 24th Dec, 2014 to battle this fortune of life!

MAIN >>>>>>>>>
Eric Martinez has spent this year building his relationship and developing his sound working with the VP or A&R at Atlantic Records Riggs Morales, and now he’s getting ready to release his highly anticipated EP “Inspired By 92” December 2014. But before the release of this project Eric and his management team are giving other upcoming artists/producers the chance to get their music heard by major label A&R’s! A 4 weeks remix contest which has started November 24th and ending by December 22nd. [Apologies, as we got the info lately]


Songs Under Remix Contest:

Chop em Down

Pass Me Up


Get Xposure
Two lucky artist/producers that will have their own music submitted to VP of A&R Riggs Morales of Atlantic Records and other top A&R’s!



For more details on how to Enter email HollaPRnigeria@gmail.com


  •  Get an active Soundcloud account and twitter account
  •  Request to hear original songs that need to be remixed  by sending “Eric Martinez Remix song/Space/Your email” to +234(0)7067872390  [Both song and intrumental will be forwarded immediately into your email box]
  • Get it downloaded and get on your remix
  • Upload your remix on your soundcloud account
  •  Email us(HollaPRnigeria@gmail.com) attached MP3, soundcloud linkNameLocation & Social Network IDs           (e.g Twitter and IG)
  • This is one of the most important steps. Once your remix is uploaded on soundcloud tweet your song to “@ERICMARTINEZ714” and promote it for the next 4 weeks[ ClubCity can help you on the promo level].
  • When you tweet on twitter or post song on IG you must include the following Hashtags                                                             #InspiredBy92 , #EricMartinez714 and #nameofyourremixed song (Example #ChopEmDown,#Underdogg, #PassMeUp) Very important to make sure you include all 3 hashtags!


You are able to promote your remix up til December 22nd 2014 midnight. Any listens occurred after that date and time will not count.

  •  Two contestants will have their music sent over for review by VP of A&R Riggs Morales at Atlantic Records and other top A&R’s. Winners will receive feedback/critique on their music; this is a way for you to get your music in front of major industry executives.


1st winner will be picked based off of number of listens!

2nd winner will be picked by Eric Martinez and Management!



Submissions will not be accepted after December 22nd 2014 midnight.

Remixed song can only be used for promotional purposes.

Remixed song must be labeled and subtitled with original artist name (Example EricMartinezPassMeUpRemix)
Brought To You By HollaPR, Nigeria.

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