Mrs. Bey Jay (Beyoncé) teamed up with Nicki Minaj of almighty Y.M.C.M on the official remix to the fan-favorite record, “Flawless”. These two titans respectively delivered well for us. Nicki delivers another solid verse as usual ***barbie-swagg***.


Also, be the first amidst your peers to check out Nicki’s new single “Anaconda” which premiered worldwide yesterday.

Posted By Barry Balogun
Barry after spending nearly 10 years as a
professional radio journalist, ClubCity Records’ Events/Show Manager
Barry Balogun now helps Artists sing
all over world advance their music careers. He
offers classes and consultations on everything from how Artists/bands can better interact with the media to
designing their websites and media kits. Also a co-host of ClubCity Records’s “Industreet Collections” for upcoming artists. Barry’s
articles have been red by people in more than
twenty countries and have been shared by top
music industry officials and voice instructors,
marketing experts, radio stations, and artist.


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